Veteran Owned

Peer Technical offers an expert recruiting staff that has an unending commitment to providing you the most effective service and oppurtunites that only a veteran owned staffing agency can deliver. We hope to use our unique skillset to provide you with the only best possible candidates, whether you are filling a position for a private sector or federal contract project.

As a veteran owned business we are also commited to ensuring that our nations veterans transition successfully into the civilian work force and are able to continue providing their exceptional and vital skillsets to our customers workforces.



Communication is the backbone of every strong relationship. Our goal is streamlined communication throughout the entire hiring process. Our staff specializes in understanding the client’s needs, communicating them internally and throughout the screening process. Once ideal candidates are identified and prequalified, Peer works within the structure of their client to ensure smooth integration within the interview, offer and on boarding process.


Read more about the services Peer offers and contact us any time at 920-926-0545 to see what Peer can do for you.