Peer understands that teamwork is the key to successful workforce solutions. With a commitment to connect the best people with the right opportunity, Peer is mindful of a variety of variables to assist your organization in making sound employment decisions.

Each option offers distinct advantages and opportunities. Peer will evaluate your specific needs and make recommendations according to our Client’s best interest. Our transparent approach ensures your success and ease.

Direct Placement

Within our Direct Placement employment option, Peer Technical will recruit and thoroughly screen candidates to fill client openings for long-term employment. By working with Peer to hire a permanent workforce, Client companies are able to focus on their own profit-related processes while Peer utilizes several recruiters and resources to find the best candidates.

Contingent Workforce ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

A contingent workforce allows for Client companies to utilize highly qualified professionals to meet short term needs, address peak or seasonal workload, and support projects. Contingent employees enable Client companies to supplement their permanent workforce with additional resources, while reducing employment related costs.​​​​​​​​​​


Peer’s contract to hire employment allows Client companies and contract employees to determine long-term employment interest while still enjoying the reduced employment costs during the contract period. Once the contract period is complete, the Client is able to hire the employee directly with no additional costs.

Peer Technical recognizes not all Client searches can be met with the same approach. Therefore, along with our employment options we provide a variety of recruitment methodologies to adequately address our clients needs.

​Strategic Search

The best available professional is not always the one actively seeking new employment. Peer’s experienced recruiters have the ability to engage passive and active candidates to find the best possible professional to fill client openings. Due to our aggressive passive candidate recruitment, Peer is continuously successful in both Confidential Search and Targeted Recruitment for our client’s high-level positions.

High Volume Staffing

Won that new project? Need 50 employees in a short period of time to meet new demand? Peer can efficiently and expeditiously provide qualified and reliable professionals in order for our clients to generate new profits by completed projects or meeting new orders. While Clients focus on profit-related activities, Peer recruiters will diligently source and screen countless candidates to identify the perfect group of professionals in a timely manner.​